The Footballest (2018)



Paco is a 11 years-old boy nicknamed Pakete after failing five penalty kicks in five games consecutively who lives in the town of Soto Alto with his parents, patrol police Emilio and antiquarian/passionate soccer lover Juana, and with his teen older brother Víctor. Member of the Soto Alto’s school soccer team with his friends Camuñas, Tomeo, Marilyn, Angustias, Ocho, Toni and Anita, and trained by the good-intention but incompetent coaches Felipe and Alicia, Pakete’s life worsen after his classroom partner and beauty neighbor Helena (who secretly is Pakete’s love interest) joins to the team: Laura, Anita’s mother and school’s vice-principal, hates the soccer and she wants undo the team to change it by a child chorus if the team downgrades to a lower category; in addition, Helena’s parents are filing for divorce and if the team misses, Helena’s father will get the custody and take her away. Trying to win the remaining soccer games to save the situation, in one of them the referee fall …

27 Jul 2018 Comedy /
Sport /

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Director :
Miguel Ángel Lamata

Writer :

Pablo Fernández Vázquez, Miguel Ángel Lamata, Roberto Santiago

Actors :
Carmen Ruiz| Toni Acosta| Milene Mayer| Jordi Aguilar|

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