DAU. Degeneratsiya (2020)

  • 2020   * 28 Feb 2020
  • Drama / Horror / Thriller / 
  • Germany, Ukraine, UK, Russia Russian, English / 369 mins
  • Available in:   720P WebRip  
    *WebRip: same quality as BluRay, but ripped earlier from a streaming service
  • IMDb Rating 6


A secret Soviet Institute conducts scientific and occult experiments on animals and human beings to create the perfect person. Azhippo, KGB general and his aides turn a blind eye to erotic adventures of the director of the Institute, scandalous debauches of prominent scientists and their cruel and insane research. One day, a radical ultra right-wing group arrives in the laboratory under the guise of test subjects. They get a task – to eradicate the decaying elements of the Institute’s community, and if needs be, destroy the fragile world of secret Soviet science.

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Director :
Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, Ilya Permyakov

Writer :

Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, Ilya Permyakov

Actors :
Vladimir Azhippo| Dmitry Kaledin| Olga Shkabarnya| Alexei Blinov|

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